My Causerie

"All great change in America begins at the dinner table." ~ Ronald Reagan

About Me January 5, 2010

When our girls were growing up, dinner time was a time for our own conversations. Interruptions were not allowed – no television, no phone calls. This was before the time when everyone had a cell phone. We still had an answering machine, and it sat on the desk in our kitchen. Once a friend of one of our daughters called during dinner time. She knew our family rule…she knew it was dinner time…and she knew we would all be sitting around the table. She cheerfully left a message on our answering machine saying hello to all of us, and ended with a message for our daughter saying, “Call me when you’re done eating!”

Texting, tweeting, blogging are all a part of our communication process today. Although I still believe everyone should take part in face-to-face dinner table conversations, these new technologies do serve as a means of conversation too.

As you have your own conversations around your dinner table, literally or metaphorically, I invite you to share some of those conversations here. Conversations allow us to learn more about each other and the world around us. Each of us has something different to bring to the table, and that makes for good conversation. 

So, pull up a chair and let’s talk!


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