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PR Fireworks: Did you see any duds? July 6, 2017

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Did you enjoy some backyard fireworks as part of your Independence Day celebration? We enjoyed a few with our kids and grandkids last night. Unfortunately, we had a couple of duds similar to this one…even our 4-year-old grandson was not impressed!

The same can be said of some brands who try to ignite their own fireworks with holiday campaigns. Several brands have hopped on the red, white and blue bandwagon successfully. Google joined the ranks this year with a doodle commemorating our country’s state parks. My husband and I took advantage of Lowe’s “Go Fourth” promotions along with their extra discount offered to all veterans!

Unfortunately, some brands’ attempts to show their patriotic spirit end up being duds like the chicken above. Last year, Budweiser’s  patriotic cans were a failed effort to attract millennials, and a more grievous blunder was made by American Apparel in 2014.

Blue Fountain Media shared a few tips with its post, “How to Integrate Holidays Into Your Social Strategy: Fourth of July Edition,” as did Sendible Insights in its post, “10 Ideas for Your Independence Day Campaign.” Bloggers also get into a patriotic spirit with themed posts. All offer great advice to brands that want to connect with their audiences while celebrating our country’s birthday!

What about you? Did you see any PR fireworks this year? Were any of them duds? Share your 4th of July highlights in the comments below.

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