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Lessons learned are not always from a textbook March 20, 2017

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Attention all college students: the lessons you learn do not always come from a textbook.

In most college classes, professors have an attendance policy. My policy for an absence being excused or unexcused is not based on my judgment of your reason, but simply that you are professional in notifying me in advance that you will not be in class. I used to operate an in-home childcare business, but that’s no longer my job. I see no reason to babysit college students.

However, my attendance policy, along with how I conduct my classes and design assignments are created in such a way to help you strengthen your professionalism and your work ethic. Although having these innate qualities certainly makes it easier for you to succeed, I think they can be learned…sometimes the hard way, but  learned none-the-less.

Unfortunately, students don’t always listen to my words of wisdom. What? Say it’s not so! Oh, but it is so, which is why I bring in reinforcements. Whether it is through other professionals visiting the classroom or sharing outside resources such as this article, “5 traits employers really want younger workers to have,” they all strengthen my defense.

Although I disagree with the subhead of the above article, which says, “A new survey sheds light on the sought-after skills that can’t be learned in a classroom,” I do agree with the findings of the survey, which was conducted in 2016 by the Society for Human Resource Management.

According to the survey, dependability/reliability, integrity, respect, teamwork and customer focus are skills employers value most in younger employees. The structure of my classroom, course assignments and, like or not, my own strong work ethic, are all used to help you develop these skills. I encourage you to read the full article. In addition to discussing these so-called soft skills that are in high demand, the article also shares tips on how you can demonstrate these sought-after skills during an interview.

I also encourage you to not feel defeated if you have not yet mastered these skills because as I said, I do think they

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can be learned. There is so much more to learning than what comes from a textbook, and if you take the initiative, these soft skills can be developed and help you reach your professional goals.

Yep, no textbook rental fee required for these lessons! They are free for the taking, but it is up to you to take them. The job market is competitive–fiercely competitive. You have to bring your “A” game, and you know what? The game has already started. Are you playing to win?

Pull up a chair and let’s talk.



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  1. tressalynne Says:

    Can I double-like this post?! Good one, for sure. 🙂

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