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Awesome list of why blogging is awesome August 31, 2016

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Photo Credit: inju via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: inju via Compfight cc

For some students maintaining a weekly blog is a time-consuming task they loathe; for others it’s a welcomed writing outlet. No matter your perspective, there is no lack of support on the merits of blogging.

At the ground level, blogging can strengthen your writing and enhance your online presence, but with initiative and determination, the sky is the limit when it comes to blogging. As with most everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Here are some awesome reasons why you should put serious effort into your blogging assignment.

The 20 Biggest Benefits of Blogging: No. 1 on this list is probably enough to keep students reading, and No.2 can certainly serve as inspiration. But as a college student, No. 4 on this list is a good reason to keep blogging because the only way you become a better writer is to write…and write…and write.

10 Important Reasons to Work Seriously on Your Small Business Blog: Whether you are stoking your own entrepreneurial spirit or counseling a future client, understanding the value a blog can bring to a business is important. Former students have used their blogging experience to put this marketing tool into practice for internships and post-graduation jobs.

Little Known Benefits of Having Your Own Blog: Credibility, creativity, connections, confidence, career kick-starter…the benefits are endless, and there is no reason you can’t start now!

What other awesome reasons do you have for making the most out of this class assignment? Pull up a chair and let’s talk!



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