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Using the LinkedIn Cheat Sheet February 8, 2016

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This may seem like a really long infographic courtesy of, but it contains a lot of valuable tips to help you build your LinkedIn profile. If you are just starting out on LinkedIn, reviewing this infographic is well worth your time. Summer internships and post-graduation job interviews are just around the corner, and your LinkedIn profile is a great way to start building your professional network and online reputation. Check it out.LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_01 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_02 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_03 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_04 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_05 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_06 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_07 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_08 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_09 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_10 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_11 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_12 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_13 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_14 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_15 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_16 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_17 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_18 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_19 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_20 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_21 LinkedIn Cheat Sheet_Page_22


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