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10 Steps to Becoming a Better … September 7, 2015

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10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer
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I share this sage advice from Brian Clark every semester with my public relations writing students. It also came to mind in church last Sunday when Pastor Bev was encouraging us to amp up our prayer life. I said to myself, “This can be applied to anything we want to get better at…including prayer.”

10 Steps

Pastor Bev shared some statistics from a survey done in the U.S. regarding prayer. Approximately 86 percent of people surveyed said they believed that God does indeed answer prayer, yet the number of those surveyed who said they devote time to daily prayer was minuscule. So why do we do that? If we have faith in something that works, what don’t we put it into practice?

Clark’s simple “10 Steps list” was a humorous way to tell students there is no magic list that will teach them how to become a better writer, they just have to do it—and often! I think the same is true of prayer. If we want to become better at praying, we just have to do it. Just as writers who put this advice into practice see improvement in their writing, those who want to improve their prayer life will also get better at praying.

What’s something you want to get better at? Take Clark’s advice and apply his 10 step philosophy. Let me know how you do.

In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk.


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