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Keep Calm and Smile On January 11, 2015

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Photo Credit: RobotSkirts via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: RobotSkirts via Compfight cc

“People assume you can’t be shy and be on television. They’re wrong.” – Diane Sawyer.
I think the same is true for those in the public relations industry, and it is something the quiet, more introverted aspiring public relations professionals need to know.

I would classify myself as a quiet, shy introvert…friends, colleagues, former employers and professors would all agree. In fact, in a glowing recommendation letter written by one of my former professors, she stated, “The phrase, ‘still waters run deep’ certainly describes Stacey Howard.” She also said I was her highest achieving student! From my military career to my role in academia, my quiet personality has never hindered my achievements – much to the surprise of some of my more extroverted colleagues.

Case in point: I was a sergeant in the United States Army. During my last tour of duty, I was assigned to an Army Reserve Command headquarters. Each year the headquarters staff would present at a conference in Kansas City. While at the conference, we were not obligated to attend the presentations of the other staff members. However, when it came time for me to present, I noticed my colleagues standing in the back of the room. After I completed my presentation, all their accolades and compliments told me that my colleagues were not expecting such a “performance.” In fact, they told me so!

Such success stemmed from my confidence in the skills I knew I had and what I could bring to the table for my employer. That’s why I like this blog post from PRowl staff member Emily Charles. She doesn’t just dismiss us quiet introverts, but rather shares some great tips on how to build the confidence that will lead to a successful career as a public relations professional.

So if you were thinking of turning around and running in a different career direction just because you didn’t score high enough on the latest “PR personality” quiz, stop right there. Just keep on reading; keep on asking questions; keep on smiling. Just keep on.

In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk…one introvert to another!Smiley-06-june



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