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Can someone be a CEO and a good dad? July 7, 2014

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Of course, that wasn’t the question that Matt Lauer asked General Motors CEO Mary Barra in his interview a couple of weeks ago.Watch a portion of the interview below.

Lauer has received a lot of criticism regarding his gender-specific questions. In an interview on KSDK, Sandi Straetker, APR, and a member of the PRSA-St. Louis Chapter, shared her thoughts on the line of questioning. You can watch her interview with Art Holliday at the link below.

PRSA-St. Louis member, Sandi Straetker, interview on KSDK

Lauer, however, defends his line of questioning, and says he knows the importance of work-life balance for both men and women. You can read his comments at the link below.

Lauer’s response to criticism

This week in class we talk about the importance of effective communication including avoiding discriminatory language. What are your thoughts on Lauer’s questions. In our media culture in general, do you think the same questions would be posed to men who serve in professional leadership roles?  How does this relate to some of the issues addressed in Chapter 2 about women in executive positions?

As we move forward in our discussions, we will talk more about the role public relations professionals play in developing strong media relations and how we can influence public perceptions.

In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk.




2 Responses to “Can someone be a CEO and a good dad?”

  1. tressalynne Says:

    Thanks for mentioning PRSA-St. Louis! By the way, our website home page has changed slightly so the link from your blog roll no longer works. Would you be so kind as to correct to Just FYI, we now have a blog and are working on creating an RSS feed but in the meantime, it can be found at Thank you! 🙂

  2. mycauserie Says:

    Thanks, Tressa. I have corrected the link!

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