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Who’s in your blogroll? January 14, 2014

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Photo Credit: robinhamman via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: robinhamman via Compfight cc

So, another semester begins. I hope students in SPC 213 and SPC 313 are excited about the “doors to opportunities” that they walked through yesterday. No matter what your career goals are, every class you take while in college provides an opportunity to make you a stronger job candidate in the future. I want to see you achieve your professional goals, and if you look at your college coursework as professional development, I think you are on the road to success. So, don’t pass up the opportunities.

With that being said, as we prepare to begin another semester of blogging, I came across this article from the Daily Dog, “Get a Better Handle on the Media Biz by Following These Journalism Blogs.” 

I encourage students in SPC 313, and even students in SPC 213, to take a few minutes to review some of these. They could be beneficial in developing your own media writing style. As I mentioned in class, the more you read journalism-style content, the more you will begin to understand this new kind of writing you are about to embark upon.

Read, read, read…write, write, write – this is your spring semester mantra!

In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk.


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