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Using available resources to reach your goals January 8, 2013

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New year, new semester and new classes. I hope you are coming into the semester ready to work hard and take advantage of all the resources available to you. No matter what your professional goals are, effective writing will be central to a successful career, and it is central to your success in this class.

I encourage you to peruse the Blackboard site for your class and take note of the resources made available there. I also encourage you to consider the benefits of PRSSA membership such as securing internships, attending local, regional and national conferences, participating in the mentoring program and building your professional networks – and this applies to all majors. We have had mass communications majors, business majors and more join PRSSA as a means of advancing their professional goals.

There is also a wealth of information online, especially tips to help you with your writing. I came across this YouTube video today that offers some valuable writing tips…again, this doesn’t just apply to public relations majors. Everyone needs to know how to write effectively. Check it out and take note of the advice. It might help you as you start your writing and blogging assignments.

If you come across a helpful resource, be sure to share. In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk.


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