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16 Digital Steps to Prepare You for the Job Search October 25, 2012

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Try Try Try…by macwagen

If you have been in any of my classes over the years, you’ve heard me talk about cleaning up your digital dirt. Whether from PR news articles, textbook discussions or the professional panels, understanding the value of your online reputation is emphasized. Although much of what we talk about focuses on the public relations industry, when it comes to your online image, it doesn’t matter what profession you are going into – you need to manage your brand.

Sarah Rohner, PRSSA’s public relations director, posted this article, “How to get your social media life in shape before graduation”  on Facebook, and I thought it was worth sharing. The article gives you a 16-step plan that will better position you for this competitive job market.

I think all 16 steps are important, but as an educator, I especially like step #4. Some students grumble about the blogging assignments in SPC 213 and SPC 313, but it is articles like this that keep those assignments on my syllabi. And, did you catch the part that said, “for whatever field you want to get into?” Blogging isn’t just an asset to public relations students; everyone can benefit from the writing experience.

Speaking of writing, step #14 is also near and dear to an educator’s heart. In class, students may get tired of hearing me say, “proof, proof, proof,” but it’s true. While in college, you may lose a few points on assignments for sloppy writing, but it will cost you a lot more when you are out of college and looking for that dream job. In fact, dreaming may be the closest you get to any job if you don’t take your writing seriously.

So, take a look at all 16 steps. What ones do you need to work on? No matter how close you are to graduating, it is never too early to start the climb toward building your professional brand. Get to work; take the steps.

In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk.


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