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Want a Hot Career? Yes please…and thank you! May 7, 2012

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Thank you by Paul Downey

School’s out and that means students are out of the classrooms…and doing what? Well, if you graduated, you are hopefully about to embark on your first post-college job. If you haven’t landed that position yet, don’t fret, but as you go through the job interview process, do say thank you.

This advice is nothing new…you have heard it all semester, but are you following these rules? Check out the six rules career experts say you should follow when sending a post-interview thank you. And, if you are doing internship interviews, these same rules apply to you also.

Job and internship searching can be a bit daunting and sometimes, a bit discouraging. So, I would also like to pass along a bit of encouraging news – public relations is listed as one of the HOT careers that are hiring in this down economy!  So, take the advice you have heard all semester and go get that job or internship you’ve been wanting.

Just to remind you of some of that advice, here are a few of the tips discussed in class, shared by the panelists and through the various PRSSA professional development opportunities we have engaged in this past semester:

  • Strengthen your writing: Read more, blog more – write, write, write.
  • Maintain a professional online image: Create a LinkedIn profile, clean up your Facebook – and as recommended by one of our panelists,  don’t tweet drunk.
  • Be active in social media: Blogging, tweeting, posting or pinning – whatever platform you choose, make sure you are actively engaged.
  • Network: Working at your job, your internship or volunteering for an organization – if there’s someone in the room you don’t know, step out of your comfort zone, shake hands and introduce yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to practice your “elevator” speech.

Whether searching for a job or an internship this summer, I wish all our students much success. Get out there, move your career goals forward…and remember to say thank you!

In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk.


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