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PRSSA: Can it help you reach your professional goals? January 27, 2012

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Public Relations Student Society of America by Jacob Burke

Danielle Parmenter, SIUE PRSSA chapter president, hosted a fun and informative workshop on Twitter at our last meeting. If you weren’t there and want to learn more about Twitter, get in touch with Danielle. I am sure she would share her social media expertise with you.

As the professionals who visited the SPC 213 classes on Wednesday mentioned, networking and skill-building are critical in this job market. These tips are obviously not industry specific, and many of the professional development opportunities presented through PRSSA membership are not industry specific either. We currently have members who are not public relations majors who can attest to that. So, if you aren’t sure PRSSA can benefit your professional goals, think again.

Some professional development opportunities coming up for PRSSA members include resume and networking workshops, media communications guest speaker as well as agency tours and participating in PRO-AM Day at St. Louis University. In today’s job market, everyone needs to be networking, so what are you waiting for? 

The deadline for the spring membership drive is Feb. 22. Annual dues are $70 and checks are made out to SIUE PRSSA. If you want to learn more about the benefits of PRSSA, feel free to contact  one of the executive board members or stop by my office.

Pull up a chair and let’s talk.


2 Responses to “PRSSA: Can it help you reach your professional goals?”

  1. I attended the meeting and was pleased with everything I learned. Although I’m an avid user of Twitter, I still learned a few things that I wasn’t too sure of. I am joining PRSSA, and very much look forward to it. I feel like it has a lot to offer that could be of great use in my field and also just a great networking tool.

  2. wknight3 Says:

    I am so excited to join PRSSA. Public Relations is my minor but I am however more interested in it than business administration (my major). I was just doing PR as a minor because I was somewhat interested in it and this semester is my first time taking any speech classes. I am so surprised by how much more I am interested in the field and not only with PR but like you said in the post that the workshops and PR related tatics are so helpful in other industries as well. I feel like PRSSA and PR in general has and will make me feel so much more comfortable when it comes to job settings and internships and just knowing more about the industry.

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