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Fun and Encouraging October 22, 2011

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My husband and I spent last weekend in Branson. It was the last weekend to see Noah – the Musical – something I have always wanted to see. It was indeed an amazing production, and we both look forward to seeing more shows at the Sight & Sound Theatre.

Since we went to an afternoon showing of Noah, we had time to take in another show that evening, so we took a chance on one that was recommended at the Branson Tourism office – Pierce Arrow.  It’s a fantastic show. The music and comedy are both awesome, and we would definitely enjoy seeing another one of their shows in the future.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the show. I like a lot of different genres of music including country, pop, southern gospel and contemporary Christian, and I got a little of all of that in this performance. The comedian that came out intermittently throughout the show was also very funny, and his routines were just as entertaining as the musical portion of the show.

What I didn’t expect was the evangelical aspect of the show. Not that is was “in your face, fire and brimstone,” but just the way the performers proudly shared their faith during what I considered a secular show. A couple of the singers expressed their love for the Lord during different songs, and toward the end of the program, the comedian came back on stage for what I thought would be another funny skit, but this time he had a serious tone.

Dressed in his cowboy hat and sparkly red, white and blue jacket, he first paid tribute to all the veterans and asked for all veterans in the audience to stand and be recognized. My husband and I are always humbled by this as we rise to our feet amid applause. The comedian then continued to express his love for our country and our mighty Savior. It was such a heart-felt, compassionate testimony that truly touched my own heart.

I’m always encouraged and uplifted whenever I am “in the world” and get to witness others who live very public lives “in the world” but they are not “of the world” if you know what I mean. I think people in such positions have such an awesome opportunity to show others the joy that comes through faith. However, the comedian reminded us that each of us may be the only “bible” a person may ever read – something I have heard before, but can never be reminded of enough. The way we treat others, how we talk, how we act, what we do – all serve as a testimony of our own faith to those around us. It’s good to be reminded of this powerful responsibility that we each possess.

So, if you ever go to Branson, I would definitely recommend seeing these two shows. They will entertain and inspire you. In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk.


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