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Writing Woes October 3, 2011

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In SPC 313, students  are trudging through their writing assignments, and next up is the pitch letter.

So far, the writing assignments seem to be a stressful and challenging task for many of the students, which means it can also be a stressful and challenging task for me as well.

Some tips that I think help with the writing process, and that I encourage students to take advantage of include:

1. Reading: The more you read about the industry and the AP style of writing, the better writer you become. This includes following industry-related blogs and other social media platforms such as LinkedIn discussions, which is where I found this article about pitch letters: 13 Ways to Keep Your Pitch From Getting Deleted. SPC 313 students should read this before beginning their next assignment!

2. Planning ahead to accommodate the revision process. I tell students that revision is a part of the writing process, but you can’t reap the benefits of the revision process if you do not plan accordingly. You have to give yourself time for editing, and that means not waiting until the last minute to begin the writing assignment.

3. Proofing. This goes along with the revision process. Everyone needs a second set of eyes for their copy. I remember our PRSSA professional adviser sharing this point with members a few years back, and it is still true. In fact, one of the discussions on LinkedIn focused on this very topic. A PR professional was actually looking for someone interested in sharing “proofing services” – not a bad idea for SPC 313 students either!

As we move forward with the rest of our writing assignments, I encourage students to be professional and proactive; doing so will produce quality work and less stress for all of us!

What do you think? Pull up a chair and let’s talk.


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