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Words of Wisdom September 13, 2011

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Katie Bennett, Mark Motley, Pam Perlmutter

We had two fantastic panels in our SPC 213 classes. Students asked some great questions, and the panelists provided some great answers in response. From online reputations to selecting the right courses for the PR path students want to follow, and everything in between, the professionals were sharing their expert advice and students were listening. Hopefully, this will get everyone more engaged in classroom discussions throughout the rest of the semester.
A special thank you to all the professionals who took the time out of their busy schedules to participate in the panels. Participants included Katie Bennett, Mark Motley, Pam Perlmutter, Sara Colvin, Jim Grandone, Frieda Smith and Laci Warden.
We will host another panel at the end of the semester. As a reminder, all PRSSA members and SPC 313 students are welcome to attend, so be sure to take advantage of this networking opportunity.
In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk. I’d love to hear what you thought of the panels too.

8 Responses to “Words of Wisdom”

  1. I loved being able to listen to the professionals! They were very influential and honest. I thought the questions asked in the 12 o’clock class were great because of the variety of topics that were discussed. It was refreshing to hear the three unique stories of how the panel got to be where they are now and the struggles that they faced along the way. Their opinions and advice definitely matter to us as students. I often get discouraged and wonder if PR is the correct route for me. Listening to them gave me a bit of the moral boost I needed to get through these last few semesters. Lastly, I want to thank you so much for the opportunity!

  2. hshquilts Says:

    What an awesome experience! It truly is a great networking experience. I have already contacted all three of the panelists from the 12 o’clock session and have made some contacts through them. I hope to utilize these contacts to help me further my careers by keeping my mind open to new possibilites, and new paths to reach my goal!

  3. mycauserie Says:

    Getting feedback like this makes the effort of putting together these panels every semester totally worth it! It is also encouraging to see students taking the initiative to make the experience more than just a class assignment, but instead using it for what it can and should be – a networking opportunity.

  4. As a student who is not a PR major, I still found the panel very interesting. Learning the tools that other individuals use for advertising and event planning is always advantageous. I also obtained a resource to complete extra community service hours. Overall, I was very happy with this and see how beneficial it is to those seeking jobs in the PR field.

  5. Bryna's Banter Says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen and take advice from the professionals who cane to our class panel! I was in the three o’clock class and we were lucky enough to have four people involved in the PR industry to give us their advice! I think my class did an excellent job at asking relevant questions and the panelists really showed their expertise in answering everything that came their way. They gave advice that I never would have put together without their help and Frieda’s advice to “sell your skills not the job you had,” really stuck with me. Thank you again for the networking opportunity that I would not have otherwise received, and I look forward to the next panel later in the semester!

  6. Frieda Smith Says:

    As one of the presenters, it’s very rewarding to hear (see) that participants thought this was beneficial. It was nice to be drawn back to SIUE into a class setting. Hopefully there will be other opportunities. Thanks for the good questions and the attentiveness of the participants.

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