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SIUE PRSSA Chapter…like us! August 31, 2011

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We talked about some of the major trends that have and will continue to impact the public relations industry in class last week. Let’s recap a few of them and see how they can impact your public relations career right now while you are still in college.

1. Managing the 24/7 news cycle: Public relations professionals must constantly update information and as discussed in the text, new media and technology make it possible to disseminate news 24/7. This can result in information overload. This is a challenge faced by our own PRSSA chapter here on campus too. You can rise above all the clutter by liking our chapter Facebook page. It will give you the opportunity to stay informed on all the latest chapter events and news. Make sure you are connected.

2. The Fragmentation of Mass Media: As we discussed in class, public relations professionals use a multitude of communication channels to reach their targeted audiences. Your PRSSA chapter president will also use multiple channels to communicate with members – email, social media – and yes, even face to face interactions with members! Make sure you are connected.

3. The Rise of Social Media: The text states that social media “offer public relations practitioners unparalleled opportunities for communicating, listening, and interacting with large numbers of individuals on a global basis.” I can assure you, your PRSSA president will be using social media to keep members engaged. Make sure you are connected.

I hope to see everyone at the first meeting on Sept. 7 – more information about that will be coming soon! Don’t be left out; find and use your favorite channel of communication and make sure you are connected!

In the meantime, pull up a chair and let’s talk.


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