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Blogging in action March 2, 2011

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I am so excited to share the news I received from the SIUE Alumni Association! It is great to see a former student putting a classroom assignment to work for her client!

See the e-mail excerpt below from Katie Bennett, assistant director of Alumni Affairs, which includes the link to to the blog Lindy Noel created for the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association is pleased to announce a new blog created by one of our spring student interns – Lindy Noel (senior, speech communication major).  Lindy will be writing about her experience as a student intern with our office, finishing her last semester at SIUE and soon becoming a proud graduate of the university.

 You can follow Lindy at

But wait…there’s even more! I also received an e-mail from a previous SPC 213 student who has a friend currently working as an intern for a public relations agency in Phoenix, Ariz., and she too is blogging for the agency. Click here to read her blog.

Thanks for sharing the information, Hannah!

As for SPC 213 & SPC 313 students…keep working at improving your blogs…write, write, write! Who knows when or where you will use your blogging expertise next!

Pull up a chair and let’s talk!


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