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Do you have gas? February 4, 2011

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We are entering week five of the semester, and by now, everyone should have entered the blogosphere. So, it’s a great time to remind you of online etiquette, or as Todd Defren from PR-Squared put it, “In Social Media, Everyone Can Hear You Fart.”

We continually talk about how you should manage your online presence, and the lessons pointed out by Defren are worth taking note of  – again and again. 

From another perspective, the tacky tweet made by Kenneth Cole certainly created  a buzz, which an article on AolNews also calls into question.

Was there a motive behind the tweet? What do you think? Whether there was or not, I think it is important to remember how social media impact “word of mouth” campaigns and our personal or corporate image. With social media, converations take place on a much larger scale. If I’m happy…or not happy with a certain product or company, I am going to talk about it with my friends. If I hold that conversation online, that circle of friends just grew exponentially.

So call it what you want, but at the end of the day, my advice is “just make sure your online presence doesn’t stink.”

Pull up a chair and let’s talk!


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