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Corporate Social Responsibility November 7, 2010

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We recently discussed the increasing emphasis companies are placing on corporate social responsibility, and we looked at different case studies that pointed out the impact CSR can have on a company. I came across an interesting article on that highlighted various CSR campaigns – one we even debated in class.

Take a look at some of the other campaigns (link below) featured in this article. The article states that the lesson companies must learn regarding CSR is to “do it for the right reasons.” Otherwise, people will be quick to point out the phoniness, and as we have discussed in class, social media have provided a forum for everyone to voice their opinion about anything – including your company or your client’s company.

What do you think? Pull up a chair and let’s talk.

CSR Campaigns


2 Responses to “Corporate Social Responsibility”

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  2. I love seeing companies come up with campaigns to “give back” to the community. But sometimes it is hard to see past the initial advertisement as just that, an ad. I think for a company to come up with a successful CSR, they need to not only get the message and idea out, but have some sort of follow up campaign that says, “Look. This is what we did and why we did it.” Often I see a campaign like Pepsi’s “Refresh Project”, but I haven’t seen that many actual receivers of Pepsi’s money.

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