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Welcome! August 21, 2010

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Photo Credit: eagle1effi via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: eagle1effi via Compfight cc

Well, the summer has passed by quickly for me…probably feels the same for all of you! I hope it was fun, relaxing, profitable…whatever you wanted/needed it to be for you!

However, now is the time you need to be organized and productive in order to have a successful semester. As you enter into class, think of it as your first day at a new job…better yet, the first day of your professional career.

As public relations professionals, missing deadlines can be the death of your career, so there’s no time like the present to master that skill. Take time to look through the syllabus and course schedule and map out your own personal “to-do” list. If you see an upcoming assignment is going to be due at a time you are extremely busy with some other activity, e.g. sports, job, family events, I encourage you to begin working on the assignment as early as possible. One of the best strategies to ensure your success is to allow ample time for your assignments – especially your writing assignments. Revisions are a part of the writing process, so don’t neglect this step.

Classroom success is a team effort, so let’s work together and have  a winning semester. In the meantime, if you have questions…

Pull up a chair and let’s talk!


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