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Attitude Check March 2, 2010

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Just coming back from Pro-Am Day, coupled with reading some interesting articles from various PR publications along with student blogs…AND given the fact we are at the mid-way point of our semester, I think it’s the perfect time for an attitude check.

Have you checked out the 5 Tips offered from 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian? I don’t know about you, but when I continually hear PR professionals at all stages in their careers giving the same advice, I tend to think they are on to something. Reading, writing, research, understanding social media, and ATTITUDE – Ronn addresses each of these – and each one was touched on at some point during Pro-Am Day too.

An article I read from discussed a study conducted by PR firm Burson-Marsteller. It studied 100 of the largest companies in the Fortune 500 and found that 79% of them use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or blogs to communicate with their various publics. It also stated that 20% of the companies used all four social media platforms.

I think it’s obvious why reading(and for you, that includes your textbook), writing, research and understanding social media is important to new PR professionals. With that being said, I encourage each of you to take a critical look at your own blogs. Are you using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling? Are your topics appropriate and do they relate to the public relations profession? Are you engaging in a professional dialogue? And, on a very basic note, are you meeting the assignment guidelines?

However, do not overlook tip #5: attitude. I know college life is busy, but if you don’t have the right attitude toward your coursework and taking the initiative to learn while you are here, well…there will definitely be someone ready to take your place in the interview line.

I’m a 110% type of person – just ask anyone who knows me, including my family! I’m also competitive. Again, ask anyone who knows me, including my family! So, I want to make sure you get the internship or job you want, but I can’t do it for you. I think it’s a team effort. I like to play volleyball, so let’s look it at this way: I can help by ‘setting’ the ball for you, but you have to come in for the ‘kill.’ That’s your job – besides, I’m short and can’t jump that high! 🙂

 So, I guess that’s my mid-term pep talk to each of you. Enjoy your spring break, but be ready to come back for the second half of the game; with the right attitude…ready for long hours…ready to win. In the meantime…

Pull up a chair, and let’s talk!


3 Responses to “Attitude Check”

  1. Hi Mrs. Howard,

    I love your attitude in life. You are so sweet and such a hard worker. I really enjoy your class! Thanks for everything.

    I’m so glad that you learned a lot at Pro-Am Day. Those types of events and seminars can really help us PR majors.

    Have a wonderful Easter Mrs. Howard. I sure hope your daughter is doing well.


    • mycauserie Says:

      Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement – the very same adjectives can be used to describe you as well! It has been wonderful having you in class the past two semesters. Thanks for always putting 110 percent into everything you do…I’m one of those 110 percent people too, so I know it’s a quality that can sometimes make our days challenging! Keep up the great work.

  2. Lauren Hayes Says:

    I need to keep remembering that advice. Everything is coming down to the wire, and many things are due. It is very important to keep a positive attidude in stressful times. It doesn’t make it any better to complain, so a person should make the best of it. School isn’t the only thing that is tough to get through sometimes. Work is difficult too. I think the best answer to stress is balance. People need to know how to time manage their “to do” list. Everything else will fall into place:)

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