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Are you Enjoying your “Social Hour-Happy Hour? February 8, 2010

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We talked earlier about the value in taking time out of your day to peruse various public relations social media sites. Have you incorporated this into your busy schedule? I think it is important…but obviously has to be within your time constraints. I find that can be difficult at times, hence the hour I am writing this post!

I have links to all blogs on my page now, so I encourage you to take a look at these. Students are doing an excellent job of sharing their opinions on a variety of topics, and doing so in a professional manner. I think this assignment provides a great opportunity to not only enhance your writing skills, but also improve your critical thinking skills. As I read some of the posts, I can tell students are taking the time to analyze the issues and convey their viewpoints in a succinct yet comprehensive manner. I look forward to reading more from all of you!

We will begin our discussion on news releases and fact sheets in class as you prepare for your next writing assignment. I will share some articles and Web sites that I think you will find helpful also.

Remember not to neglect your “social hour-happy hour,” and in the meantime… 

Pull up a chair and let’s talk!


6 Responses to “Are you Enjoying your “Social Hour-Happy Hour?”

  1. Hi Mrs. Howard,

    I have really been enjoying all of your assignments and blogging!

    I have learned ever so much! And I definitely look to continue to get better!

    Always remember, “Happy Hour” is every class period, because our class is a little over an hour long with constant smiling faces and happy faces.

    Thank you for all of your help! See you in class!


  2. astreut Says:

    These social media sites are so interesting! After we had a breakdown of many of them in SPC 315, where we had to give a presentation on those assigned to us, it got me thinking I am not involved enough. Having a facebook account does not neccesarily mean you are “socially up to date” it simply means you have hit mainstream media. Now you must be a part of twitter and flickr and all these aother social media outlets which some I have never heard of! I am taking advantage but it is not an easy feat and I an considered the “demographic” to understand this.

    • mycauserie Says:

      Ahhh, well I guess I don’t feel so bad if even you as a member of this tech-savvy generation is feeling the information overload! It is a lot to keep up with, and I think we have to be cognizant of our time and what specific social media tools offer us the best ROI (return on investment).

  3. Hey Stacey, I agree that keeping up with the social media is definitely important, but it is very hard to do! I even signed up for the Ragan’s PR Daily and then send emails to my account which is very convenient, but they send about 4 a day! I can’t keep up with all the emails so a lot go unread 😦 since I can’t check my account every day. It’s an information overload! You are a great teacher though and you make class entertaining and informative! Thank you!

    • mycauserie Says:

      I absolutely know what you mean…my inbox is out of control! I’m trying to establish a time schedule so I can devote a certain amount of time to social media on a daily basis, but I need to do the same with so many other aspects of my life too. I’m not sure 24 hours is enough time, so hmmm…I guess it’s also about prioritizing! I think it’s a learning process, and I am definitely still learning!

      I hope your semester is winding down to a successful close for you. Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer!

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