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Social Butterfly January 24, 2010

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Social butterfly…there have been several different definitions for this term over the years. I used to endearingly refer to my daughters as social butterflies when they were young. However, as we enter into 2010, the term is taking on a whole new meaning for me.

The social media trend continues to grow, and now more than ever, I see the need to become a “social butterfly.” I want, no let me rephrase that, I “need” to learn this new technology. I think it is a necessity, both personally and professionally.

Think about it for a second…when was the last time you received a “penned” letter in the mail? I cannot recall the last time I received a letter in the mail. All my correspondence with friends and family now occurs via my cell phone or computer. I even have aunts in their 70s & 80s utilizing these various forms of communication. If I didn’t use texts, e-mails and facebook postings as a means of communication, I doubt I would hear from my extended family or long-distance friends very often!

Professionally speaking, the need is no less demanding. Public relations students must know how to use social media as well as understand its impact on public relations practice. The use of technology often comes easy to this generation, but they must also understand the strategy involved in utilizing these tools. Ahhh, but how fortunate for them that they can use these very tools to engage in conversations with public relations practitioners from around the world and learn first-hand about the impact social media has on their chosen profession.  

So, the journey of “life-long learning” continues, and I look forward to the conversations I will have along the way. In the meantime…

Pull up a chair, and let’s talk!


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